Our centre at Pout

The aim of the « Peace for Africa, peace for humanity » project which includes the “Peace Bus”, and the training of people to nonviolence, is to enable each person to rise his level of consciousness so that finding fulfillment in one’s humanity, we personify this saying of Father Teillhard de Chardin: “Any soul which is empowered, empowers the world, and any soul which is lowered, lowers the world.”

It is then only that the plan of a humanized society leaves the realm of utopia to become reality. And for dreams to become reality, individual responsibility is necessary. Today itself, a small group of persons is making this experience at a small scale, in the village of Pout at the heart of the Senegalese jungle. The dream is being made manifest - a micro society has emerged and works daily on the basis of nonviolence. This implies that the decisions and daily actions of those who got involved in this path are linked to consciousness. It is this consciousness at work which leads them to take into account the needs of all, fully respecting the earth and the environment. It is yet another way to be at the service of Man.

At the 10ha Pout estate, the watchword is solidarity and sharing - not considered as a leitmotiv without any consciousness, but as a liberating choice from models proposed by present systems. The creative freedom of each person then opens up to the highest level of human possibility. Initiative and taking responsibilities become the rule.

Today’s Pout
•    2006: first pick blow to find water in 100 m of depth,
•    From then on, first quality green beans, chilies, mangos, eggplants, papayas are sold at the local market at the same price as ordinary products
•    2009: new step with the processing (drinks, nectars, purée, various preserves …)
•    At the same time, kickoff of laying hens stockbreeding.

And this is how a micro society of around thirty persons, motivated by the means of peace and with a view of developing the Being before assets, is generative of inner and outer dignity. This micro society represents a universal model be it at the relational, economic or democratic level.

As a result, the Pout project has the vocation of being an environment for training in nonviolence through action, as per the model of the life of the Beings of peace who inspire us in all of our initiatives.

That's why we invite everyone eager to adopt nonviolence in real conditions to follow this free training.