Peace Bus

Why a journey for peace?

Travelling together is a guarantee of security as well as a training to embody solidarity, commitment and love for one and all. To live as brothers and sisters as per human values, enables us to make the experience of the planetary family dimension which represents humanity.
It is experiencing life in collaboration with everyone, irrespective of belief, religion or ethnic group.
Travelling together is symbolical as it implies following a driver who drives us to the right destination, the destination chosen by everyone. “Life has taught us that love does not consist in gazing at each other, but in looking out together in the same direction”


Preparation for the journey

A free training to peace will be given to all those who wish to discover inner peace and who want to work for a better world.

Objective: find peace in one’s heart to establish more harmonious relationships with fellow human beings. Just like Beings of peace who chose to create a better world for all, the trainee has the opportunity of going through a process of transformation, at the end of which he awakens to a new sense of dignity, freedom and responsibility. He is then capable of working hand in hand with all Beings in search of peace - peace for humanity.

The trainee is his own teaching aid in his self-discovery and from this realization shall emerge the being of service acting in the ideal of nonviolence. It is only at this level that he can join the planetary family.

This training will be organized like conferences on peace and nonviolence and on that of the workshops in short, medium and long-term on the Initiatory Way of Peace which were held in Paris, London, Los Angeles, in Reunion Island and in Mauritius.


Aims & objectives of the journey

Collective peace issues

  • Sensitize people in different parts of Africa to nonviolence (from 2010 onwards, via Internet)
  • Sensitize people as to the use of a nonviolent approach to conflicts (in Africa and around the world)
  • Sow the seeds of Peace in war torn areas
  • Help people realize that differences are a necessity of life

Individual issues

  • Form individuals to find inner peace and to become agents of peace in their environment
  • Enable individuals to fulfill their inner potential through nonviolence
  • Awaken the conscience of each on the necessity of peace for the progress of humanity
  • Launch awareness programmes for school children and university students for the promotion of nonviolence and peace

Environmental issues

  • Sensitize on crime against earth
  • Set up an ethics of environmental behaviour to preserve the planet
  • Set up a humanizing economy, by the means of peace
  • Create a holistic frame for all movements working for peace notably associations, organizations to promote peace.