The Pout Centre, built at the heart of its truck farm, is the experimental frame proposed for training in nonviolence.

Besides theoretical training, daily action opens to the consciousness of solidarity when we work with others; to the love of the consumer which is the reason to the approved efforts; to the love of those that are not in the field and who, thanks to us, will have their health improved by quality produce; to our responsibility towards environment for generations to come.

The focus here is no more on having, but on being

In this experimental frame, we replace theory by fully nonviolent action. This is how an awakening of conscience takes place. It makes us understand the notion of commitment which has been established on the human resources of the actors.

In this way does the awakening of conscience to nonviolence, which is our only hope of achieving true peace, develops itself.

A training for whom?

For any person who wishes to give his/her time for the edification of a better world.

Practical side

  • Calendar of training
  • Theoretical and practical trainings are free
  • Trainees are fully taken in charge by the Centre once there (travelling for the needs of the training, accommodation, food)


  • Trainings of 3 consecutive weeks
  • The agenda will be available to the trainee after having sent registration form

Once back home, this training shall be helpful in preparing the arrival of the Bus of Peace. The trainee will be able to explain its purpose to the local population, and make a new approach of interpersonal relations in every field of the society evident by his presence and experience of nonviolence.